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The Basics of Search Engine Optimization

by Khairul Anwar , under ,

Almost everyone has heard the words SEO,but many people do not have any idea how to do it correctly.Only talk about all the internet marketer,they will let you know that they are dreaming of starting to get traffic from search engines,but when asked how they would go about doing it,they just shrugged his shoulders.Criteria for search engine optimization is easy to understand,and can be applied by anyone.At first you have to be aware of is on page optimization.This is the stage where you can enter key phrases that you are going to be a focus on Google,Yahoo and Bing directly on your site.It is best if you use these clear-cut in places such as the page title,and then sprinkled throughout the pages of course content.

Far more important than on page optimization is off page optimization.Search engines are the table of contents,but sorted in a way where the pages have told you It's meaning.Backlinks are the measuring site popularity.More pages linking to your site,the more important your site is a search engine's eyes.You use targeted keywords as anchor text in backlinks increase the popularity of your site's search engine marketing lists of your targeted keywords better than the reverse without the key words in the anchor text.Most of the secret of SEO is to combine the two SEO and find the best mixture.