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Checking the Quality of CD Duplication

by Khairul Anwar , under

When the duplication process was introduced in the market,people thought that the quality was low and CDs not look as good as those,repeat.This is not true double CDs anymore.Duplicate CDs are now generally of standard quality.However,you may encounter differences in the prices of CD duplication.Does this difference in the prices of CD Duplication for non-compliance in quality offered by the company?Here are some tips to help you tell the quality of products offered by the company after a review of their CD duplication prices.

Unprofessional looking CD creates a negative impression of your product in the minds of your customers.If the CD duplication prices are very low, make sure the graphic design,which the company matches industry standards.Design must be at least the quality of that offer similar products on the market.So,check if CD Duplication company offers lower prices by compromising on the quality of graphics.Find out what kind of package you are offered.Paper-sleeved work cheaper than the pack does not't provide much protection.Make sure that they are not equipped with low-price CD Duplication at the expense of low quality packaging.Jewel cases are the minimum that you get as a package.

Check if the company provides at least 300dpi print quality digital printed in industry standard CMYK colors on paper.You may get a cheap price,but you get the quality of the paper introduces and inlay card for that price?Granular or looking for cheap parts of the paper can make your CD look shabby and unappealing.CD Duplication low prices may also be because the supplier is giving you poor quality CDR media.Ni's pointless"cheap"when you need quality work.Make sure that the media will be duplicated in slowly so you get the best possible finished product.

Ask the supplier for the samples to make sure you are satisfied with the print quality of the disc.In the long run may be low CD Duplication damage your company if printing on CD face looks unprofessional.Duplicating company should provide at least one or two color silkscreen printing or even thermal printing.Prices must include safeguards to protect your purchase.Shop around before they settle on one company.Compare quotes,look at their business and product guarantees,so you can choose a company that will give you the best buy in terms of quality,delivery,price,customer service and reliability.Use a price that will guide the choice of supplier.